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Financial health and freedom are among the core tenets of our lives. They matter not just for the wellness of individuals but also of institutions and society. Money is a strange thing. It is easy for people to get weird or political or overwhelmed about talking, thinking and writing about it. Figuring out how to constantly improve financial dimension of everything and everyone around us is a worthwhile pursuit.

Fintech has become a meme. Especially in 2020. It is important to take a step back and reinforce why some of us care about that meme so much. Getting paid for…

As we get closer to 2021, I wanted to do a crowdsourced edition where fintech founders share their experience and thinking.

Introductions of founders participating in this edition :

Ema Rouf — Cofounder of, a startup building APIs to makes it easier and cheaper to analyze risk, score leads, and personalize recommendations. Based in SF & founded in 2020.

Adena Hefets — Cofounder & CEO of Divvy Homes, a company that enables renters to save for down payments for buying homes they are renting. Based in SF & founded in 2017.

Jaimin Desai — Cofounder & CEO of Reconcile

We talk mission, product philosophy, marketing, arc of investing products & more

Sar : Public is the first app I have managed to grab Sar as my username in! It is definitely a milestone and I’m glad I hit it in an investing app! We tried finding a time to hang IRL when I moved to NYC earlier this year but then the pandemic happened. You sent me over some swag. Which got me to start paying more attention than I would probably would have to the product! You have been the head of marketing at Public for about a…

Trying to reverse engineer why Sketch is a great venture bet in 2019

I am going to try to reverse engineer why Benchmark invested twenty million dollars in the European company Sketch that was founded in 2010 and share why I think it is a very counterintuitive bet. This was a very interesting investment given the current state of design tools landscape with both late stage, well capitalized, popular startups and a savvy incumbent led by one of most seasoned and well known operators and one of the most effective turnaround public company CEOs.

Figma’s $40 million in Series C funding led by Sequoia was announced earlier this year. Figma has captured a…

Here’s a running list of insightful resources I have come across on marketplaces :

Some of my thoughts and conversations …

I get asked often to share insightful resources to get a quick overview of the DTC landscape. Here’s a list of things I think would help anyone jumpstart their understanding of the space :

A comprehensive landscape by Justine and Olivia Moore

A great take on the emerging trend of small brands by Scott Belsky

Really good 101 by Sari Azout

A list of startups across verticals by Teddy Citrin

A Venture Stories podcast episode on what yours truly is working on

A a16z podcast episode on how CPG industry is struggling

Predictions around DTC by Nicole Quinn

Future of…

I moved to Silicon Valley almost three months ago. I wanted to take some time to jot down my early impressions of SF and the Bay Area broadly.

I have been reading about SF’s local politics and tech scence for quite some time now. But, living in SF made me realize how much better and worse it really is in different ways. The local issues are much worse than I thought and everything that makes the Bay Area so special is much better and more visible than I hoped.

Outsiders typically know that Silicon Valley is the technology hub of…

What are some themes that you think you have an informational or knowledge edge in over your friends and peers? In other words, if you had to shamelessly talk someone’s eyes off about certain topics, what would they be?

Oh, God, I have so many topics I cannot stop talking about!

One of my pet topics is definitely the history of ideas: I’m near-obsessed with how certain ideas evolved and mutated from other ideas; who came upon which idea when and where; how did they iterate from it; what events did that lead to.

From the development of literary canons…

Sar Haribhakti

Generally a quiet person. Except when I write.

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