DTC resources

Sar Haribhakti
3 min readMar 6, 2019

I get asked often to share insightful resources to get a quick overview of the DTC landscape. Here’s a list of things I think would help anyone jumpstart their understanding of the space :

A comprehensive landscape by Justine and Olivia Moore

A great take on the emerging trend of small brands by Scott Belsky

Really good 101 by Sari Azout

A list of startups across verticals by Teddy Citrin

A Venture Stories podcast episode on what yours truly is working on

A a16z podcast episode on how CPG industry is struggling

Predictions around DTC by Nicole Quinn

Future of Commerce thesis by Kirsten Green

A quantitative model by Alex Taussig

Anything and everything by @web

Great piece by David Perell that puts DTC in broader context

Excellent landscape by Fung Capital

Takeaways from Shoptalk by Justine and Olivia Moore

A series by Maveron on how they pick consumer brands

A series of articles on recent research on DTC ads :