Shorterm thinking vs Longterm Planning

I always enjoy reading your pieces. The clarity of thought helps me learn a lot. So, thank you.

I agree so much with your point of finding jobs with steep learning curves especially when one starts out their career. I always tell me friends that we should not pursue opportunities that provide financial stability at the cost of steep learning curves. Yes, a good salary is always great. But, when we start out our professional journeys, what matters is how much of real experience we can get under our belt. This might come with little to no salary. But the learning will be 10x times valuable as we progress with our careers and that short term sacrifice will yield 100x financial return long term.

That’s exactly why I try to get a free gig every semester while I am at school. Everything from writing to startup PR to marketing to VC work. It’s all “free”.

PS- We would love for you to blog more. So much to learn. 😀

Generally a quiet person. Except when I write.

Generally a quiet person. Except when I write.