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If you are a regular reader of my blog ( I know thats a big IF), you might have noticed that I have stopped writing pieces regularly. I had promised myself a while ago that I will try my best to write daily. And, I did. For a while, I surely did. And, later, eventually, it got to one piece every two or three days. Slowly and gradually, I stopped altogether.

I did not stop because I was lazy. Or, because I do not have anything to talk about. Trust me, I have a lot of ideas to talk about daily. If you are one of the 840 or so people that follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I have a lot of random ideas. I engage a lot with others. I read a lot. And, I surely am tweeting a lot as a consequence.

I stopped writing because I wasnt happy with how I write. Not necessarily what I write about. I was very evident to me that I haven’t been writing in a fashion that is striking a chord with my readers. On top of that, I have started losing interest in the way I write. I found myself lacking an unique voice. I feel I don't convey my thoughts and ideas in a simple but profound way. They say simple design takes a lot of hard work. I think thats true in writing as well. Communicating complex ideas in a complex manner is easy. Very easy, actually.

I am a hardcore user of Pocket & Medium. I read about all sorts of things written by a plethora of writers. Two people that have been great sources of inspiration to me are M.G. Siegler and Chris Messina. They have a skill of delivering profound messages and complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner. I binge read their work to learn and get inspired to become a better writer. Hopefully, I will get back to blogging regularly soon.

Highly recommend reading Messina’s latest sponsored post ( He nails even sponsored posts!) and Siegler’s latest piece on one and only Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have for me. 😄

Generally a quiet person. Except when I write.

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